Community Spotlight - December 2020


Writer: @webby | Artist: @december | Editor: @Divine, @Andrew | Video Editor: @heidi

Please welcome back - Community Spotlight!

This edition of Community Spotlight showcases one of the most dedicated users within our community. This individual has been referred to as a robot, and is endlessly working to make EdgeGamers servers fun, fair, and exciting for all of our members. Here are some quotes from our members;

"This individual has a big role when it comes to help out in the CS division, making sure the servers are always up and running, jumping between all our servers making sure everything okay."

"The most valuable member to the counter strike team, doing so much unappreciated work behind the scenes to make our experiences enjoyable on the servers. Helping with mapping/bugs/and new features really the most coolest."

"Think this guys a robot, mans grinds and has a genuine passion for the community."

Please join us in congratulating @Custom Stats on winning the December Community Spotlight.​


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