New server thoughts: Share here.


Hey all I'm not sure if I stole someone's thread, I didn't see one up about the new server, but here is one anyway.

Anzio was the map when I was on and I really enjoyed it. We had a great turnout of all different ranks, and I notcied the team scores were tied once at 14-14. Thats a good game. I'm always shocked when axis are beating allies on donner, or allies are beating axis on ava.

I still personally think anzio would be a great alternative sever merely do to its speed. Although some times avalanche seems fast, it takes forever and a day to get the last two flags. Anzio is quick, vicious, and strategy oriented. You have to split up, then makes a united offensive when it counts. I died 45 times in my playing time today and capped 42 flags. I felt like each life could be used to help the cause and not merely be laid down by that pesky donner sniper. I hope everyone will share their thoughts on anzio and any other maps that were running today!
I think yall see why I was harping about how good anzio was. =] It owns, and apparently everyone else loved it too. I vote for Anzio as the final.
i dont like anzio, i cant walk around for 3 second with someone gettin a headshot on me, with mp44, and quite a distance away (maze)
i say it becomes an argentan/angio server. it's too big of a server for Flash, and these are the only 2 good maps that i know of (unless they remade the original charlie. omaha is WAY to small.)
Anzio and Argentan are great fun, but I truly DESPISE Flash. That map is so stupid and broken in every way, I can't believe people actually like it. Overall I love the server and will play on it often as long as it doesn't become a Flash server.
i started at anzio which i always wanted for the new server which was so fun(except getting owned by aquafresh he was the only one who had amazing score)

i didn't played at flash because i just don't like it and think that its too small for 32 players + i really had stuff to do

kalt was ok not really good not really bad but it was 20-22 players at the time when i was playing so not too much chaos

argentan was too big for 20 players because we switched from kalt to argentan. then it became fun

well to be honest although i would love to play in anzio and argentan there is only one flaw which is that there is no point if they are not gonna be full which rarely happened to day there was a time that we had 19 players in anzio which made the map empty.
although i blew hardcore at anzio it wuz pretty fun and i like the map but something about sneakin up on peeps from the sewer in Kalt makes my heart start pumpin all fast...
My vote is for Kalt but Anzio would be great too.
either way they rock
and i forgot what argentan has in it.. so whatever.
I got to play for a bit on anzio but missed the rest of the maps because some clown took out my cable, trees and front porch with his car i'm at work now hope it's fixed when i get home.
I prefere anzio because its close quarters and more urban so we will have a relatively open map(ava) and anzio. It makes for a better variety.