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Hello Minecraft'ers,

We're going to be holding an event during the first week of March. Now, you might be asking, "Why are we booking an event so far away?" We're booking this event ahead of time because there is an entry fee. You must have voted on 15 out of the 28 days of February, on all 6 sites. People that vote for 28 days will get an advantage over everyone else that didn't vote every day. For most of our events, we usually don't appreciate when one of our Leadership or Event Team members wins, but the only person that's not eligible to win this event is me (Somebody's gotta host the event)

You don't even have to come on the server to vote! You can refer to this post and vote right here. You should come on our server to vote anyway to improve your Minecraft skills before the event! Even though the event will be so easy that the worst Minecraft player could easily beat the best.

Voting links: [Link1] [Link2] [Link3] [Link4] [Link5] [Link6]

For the event, we will be giving the top 3 a pick of what they want from a list of prizes:
$25 Amazon Gift Card
$25 Steam Gift Card
Any EGO supported Game(1) (Rust, GTAV, Squad, BattleField 5)

First Place: 1 Month DS + First pick from Prize list
Second Place: 1 Month DS + Second pick from Prize list
Third Place: 1 Month DS + Third pick from Prize list

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