Update to an interview with Tech Sgt. Starbuck.


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I just read this and felt I needed to share it because Starbuck is my hero.

Todd Trent here from DOD Hall of Fame Monthly Magazine.

In a artical printed back in June the magazine had the missfortune of printing an interview with Tech Sgt. Starbuck. After speaking with members of The Edgegamers Organization it has been found that the apointment of Tech Sgt. Starbuck to the DOD Hall of Fame is the wrong place to immortalize Tech Sgt. Starbuck. So it is with a heavy heart that I must anounce his removal from the halls of the hall of fame and with great pride to tell all in the Edgegamers Organization that there is a new building beening erected complete with a shrine to immortalize Tech Sgt. Starbuck the frist living god of DOD.

Todd Trent
no it comes from DOD Hall of Fame Monthly Magazine don't you get that magazine

i did, but i started sending mass spam about putting me in it so they stoped sending them to me :(
Thanks Splat.
Just got off the phone with Todd and they're breaking ground in June for the shrine. He said DOD Hall of Fame monthly sold out in just 2 days on the news stands. He also said that the issue with my interview sold faster than the issue with the nude centerfold of Angelina Jolie holding my BAR. He gave me permission to print the rest of the interview after the last few issues of the second printing are sold which should be today.

(humble but grateful)

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