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Question guys(and girls) does anybody know of a good gaming laptop i could get. I've looked at alienware but they are just to expensive and not worth the price. If anybody knows of one that doesn't cost a fortune please tell me. THx

In my experience, cheap for what you get (a lot). I have a year old Sting 517 (I don't think they sell them anymore) and it keeps up well with newer games, despite not being a Duo. It cost me a grand less than an equally specced Alienware. They have probably the best customer service in the industry--the people who make the computers are the ones who repair them from what I've heard.
Laptops don't really lend themselves to hardcore gaming, so if you are getting a laptop just for gaming, you'd be better served using the money to get a really good desktop.
Buying a laptop now generally means it'll have vista, which isnt good. I have counter-strike source on a vista laptop, and its not that good, i cant see the mouse. You can get it, maybe there would be an update. If youre going to get a laptop, i reccomend you checkin out alot of them.
I dont recomend getting a laptop for gaming. Because after a couple years of use, im sure the graphic card will have far advanced from the good ones in them today. Also, its pretty hard to find a extremely powerful enough laptop to show my awesomeness :)
Dell is okay or compaq, hp, sony or toshiba
dont go with a macbook (ewww)
if it comes with vista install xp via dump drive and get a copy
most still let u choose xp or vista
If you go with an apple laptop, you would have to go with a Macbook Pro. Macbooks only use shared VRAM. Also, if you do go that route, definitely wait until July. They're supposed to be updated. Trust me on this.

As for a PC, I would go with one of Dell's higher end laptops. You can definitely get a laptop that will play DoD just fine. You might not be able to max out all the settings, but it will work well enough. IBM's are no good - used for business computing. Sony's are cost far too much for the horsepower. Hp's are decent, but...I've never really had good experience with them. They seem to be hit or miss.

So, you can definitely get a laptop to play, but you'll have to find a laptop with enough video power. Look for something with ATLEAST 128 of VRAM (non shared). Good luck!

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