What are your best childhood memories with gaming?


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All these games we grew up playing (well some or most) have played these games that have just made it amazing, like these games:
Grand theft auto
Call of duty

Even mobile games like:
Angry birds
Temple run
Fruit ninja


What game did you grow up with? And what are your best memories?


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disney princess enchanted journey. played on the ps2 all the time


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Getting an Atari 2600 for Christmas. Circa 1978.

I wasn't all that into it but my competitive sister and some cousins were hella into it!


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growing up it was mostly

NHL 2003-2007 on the xbox classic
Pokemon on gb color/advanced
runescape/clubpenguin etc

Games I played growing up was kinda like hide and seek, but you stand in one spot close your eyes and people hide around your yard, and then you open it and have to guess where people are hiding without moving.... my yard was used because we had the biggest and the most hiding spots between the neighbourhood friends

most memorable was back in 07-08 where me, my bro and our family friend had a sleep over at are house and we stayed up till 3am playing Boxhead trying to get a highscore


''Spartan Total Warrior''
''Project Snowblind''
''Early Counter Strike''
''GTA Vice City''
''Tony Hawk's Underground 2''
''And some many other games''


Staying up till 5am playing Minecraft with my buddy, back when we could only play together on local ip. Halo 3 was gas, star fox adventures on the Gamecube, and ding dong ditch lol. Oh man, lets not forget about Mario Party 64 on the wii.
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spider-man 2
sonic adventure 2 battle
kingdom hearts
grand theft auto 4
new super mario bros local multiplayer
mario kart
wii sports
flipnote on the dsi! (why i love art and animation today)