Gun game

anyway possible we can get a gun game on they are so much fun... I dont really know what goes in to making this happen but if its not hard i think people would enjoy it
i played gun game a few times on regular counter strike, its when you kill someone and gain a gun??
anyway its real fun but kinda tedious when start with a pistol and the other guy has a mp 40 :(
There would need to be a lot more weapons available in DoD for a gungame match to actually be fun.
Actually I've gotten a few of those in my times...props the the unlucky souls who run around a corner with 10 health and get hit in the face with it. That's pretty depressing.
In DoD:S gun mod you start with assault of allied or axis, etc....then you go until 17 weapons(last knives) and no smoke grenade. I love them since I kill the assaults with pistols and knife the snipers :)