How is your community's culture? Where's an outsider to go?


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Give me some of your EG experience and knowledge, inject it into my brain.

What tales of fun and woe do you have? What dastardly deeds or heroic feats have you accomplished in your time here? What have others done with/for you?

How does the community at large respond to negativity and worry? Any past issues or dramas that were resolved? Any ongoing?

Any large community will get it's own sub groups, friend groups, and death cults. How are those here? How do they interact? What are they all about?

Where might I start? I'd like to start getting to know the good folk that wander this community, and look forward to getting into whatever there is to do with some of you dudes.
(side note: Having issues getting into the teamspeak due to a non functioning link on the starters' post.)


EGO Is My Life!
Hey buddy I’m not good at telling stories but for sure you can meet me on teamspeak and I can tell you all about eGO

(download teamspeak 3
Then you connect to this IP: )


I made one post
I did, been putting it off though. Probably gonna go to bed and be there tomorrow. I best be energized for a stellar first impression!
I did get a direct link though so I can join whenever, my problem is solved dw.
Of course I still wish for some stories/info. I imagine that'd be a cool thing for others to recall/see from another perspective too. Laying out some of the most notable experiences.
I'll be in tomorrow, I look forward to some stories, and definitely look forward to getting in touch. See ya sometime.