I've teased y'all enough.... let the cat out of the bag, he needs air!

July 5th marks the 2 year anniversary of eGO and we'll be celebrating it in style with the BIGGEST event in eGO history open to all =(e)='s, =(eG)='s, and =(eGO)='s!

6 servers, 4 events, 5 and a half hours of gaming goodness!

Event #1 - DOD:S
24/7 =(eGO)= Flash EdgeGamers.us =HLstatsX= (
24/7 =(eGO)= CHARLIE AKA STRAND EdgeGamers.us =HLstatsX= (

4:00 PM Et - 5:00 PM Et
3:00 PM Ct - 4:00 PM Ct
2:00 PM Mt - 3:00 PM Mt
1:00 PM Pt - 2:00 PM Pt

30 minute break

Event #2 - CS:S
24/7 =(eGO)=|OFFICE|FinalBattleGround|NO AWPS AUTOS|66 TICK (

5:30 PM Et - 6:30 PM Et
4:30 PM Ct - 5:30 PM Ct
3:30 PM Mt - 4:30 PM Mt
2:30 PM Pt - 3:30 PM Pt

30 minute break

Event #3 - COD4
=(eGO)= EdgeGamers.net *Recruiting* (

7:00 PM Et - 8:00 PM Et
6:00 PM Ct - 7:00 PM Ct
5:00 PM Mt - 6:00 PM Mt
4:00 PM Pt - 5:00 PM Pt

30 Minute Break

Event # 4 - TF2
24/7 =(eGO)= |CONVOY|EdgeGamers.org|HLstatsX|*Recruiting (
24/7 =(eGO)= |HEIGHTS_DB2|EdgeGamers.org|HLstatsX|*Recruiting! (

8:30 PM Et - 9:30 PM Et
7:30 PM Ct - 8:30 PM Ct
6:30 PM Mt - 7:30 PM Mt
5:30 PM Pt - 6:30 PM Pt​

For more info (passwords, etc), click this thread:
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this event is going to be epic!!!


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i'll be in every one of these scrims except cod4 ( i hate that game's multiplayer with a passion, and i don't own the game)


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looks like alot of fun. cant wait!


Darn i dont have COD4 ...but at least i can join in the other 3


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This event sounds like it's going to be awesome. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to make it. Some family and friends will be in town. So, have fun guys and I look forward to hearing about it when it's over. :)
I will be there for the first of the events and I'll be on flash....Sounds like lots of fun.... too bad i can only participate in the Flash and Charlie Event I dont have CS source of TF2