Post your top 5 favorite movies :D


here are my movies
2.Enemy at the gates
4.Saving Private Ryan
yep those are my fav. movies !amazed

1. monty python and the holy grail
2. longest yard
3. saving privt ryan
4. flags of our fathers.
5. talladaga nights
1. Alice in wonderland
2. The Returner (japanese Movie)
3.Saving private ryan
4.Happy feet
2.LOTR Trilogy
3. Troy
4.Saving Private Ryan (just to throw in... HBO's Band Of Brothers series)
5. Half Baked
[quote1180572735=Death]1. monty python and the holy grail
[/quote1180572735]ZOMB I totally forgot that! Thats one of my uber-favs.

Napoleon Dynamite is good too. o.o;
This is a tough one.

1. Saving Private Ryan [This is my favorite. The rest are not in any specific order.]
2. Black Hawk Down
3. 300
4. Scarface
4 1/2. The Matrix
5. The Alien Quadrilogy (Alien, Aliens, Alien3, an dAlien Ressurection) AVP isn't bad either.
6. The Boondock Saints
7. The Bourne Identity
8. LOTR Trilogy
9. Pearl Harbor
10. Heat
11. Pretty much every Bond movie
12. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
13. The Punisher
14. Resident Evil
15. Dawn of the Dead

Yeah...the list goes on. Had to break the rules a little bit. :p
Some off the top of my head in no order at all
The Untouchables
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers (hate me for listing tv)
not in order:
tommy boy!!! <------ #1 no matter what :)
Pearl harbor
Longest Yard
Forrest Gump <----- owns
Almost anything with Will Farrell in it !
Any Adam Sandler movie!
Cars (i know its a kid movie but i'm 15 so :p )
1. Shawn of the Dead
2. Saving Private Ryan
3.(New) Longest Yard
4. Cheaper by the Dozen (new)
5. Matrix III (couldnt really think of a good one)
1. Shawn of the Dead(the english are good for something after all)
2. Forrest Gump
3. The Untouchables
4. Black Hawk Down
5. Saving Private Ryan
1. star wars series
2. matrix
3.forest gump <----this movie will always be my fav
4. anchorman
5. pretty much any movie with will ferral
Im gonna have to say Giovanni knows about some good movies, just look at his Favs to see most of mine. Id probably add 300 as well. As for comedies gotta love grandmas boy, half baked and dumb and dumber.
Blackhawk Down
Kelly's Heroes
The Lethal Weapon movies (all 4)
Die Hard I and II
Ocean's 11 (original and remake)
Blackhawk Down
Kelly's Heroes
The Lethal Weapon movies (all 4)
Die Hard I and II<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< :D !lol !lol
Ocean's 11 (original and remake)