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2v2 Tournament
The 2v2 Tournament will be hosted on the 10th of April, 2021

That's right! You saw it, we're hosting a 2v2 Tournament, here's everything you need to know.

Tournament Information
  • There will be 16 or 24 teams participating, first to sign up gets their spot
  • Will be played on basic the wingman setup, with overtime.
  • Single elimination
  • BO3 Finals
  • There will be streams available

Tournament Rules
  • Both members of the teams must fill out the forum to sign up.
  • All players must be MAUL registered and verified. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Teams must be in Teamspeak for the duration of their their match, and cannot be in contact with any person(s) not part of their team/a member of EC during their match.
  • The use of any hacks, cheats, scripts, exploits, model breaking, or any kind of third party software, as listed in the eGO competition rules, to give you an advantage over another player (e.g. AHK) will result in disqualification from the tournament for both members of the team. The offending player will also be banned from all EdgeGamers servers.
  • Any use of map exploits and or map bugs are not allowed, including but not limited to grenade exploits or using them to kill/harm enemy players.
  • If for whatever reason the server malfunctions or there is an error, the round will be replayed.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Be 13 years or older.
  • Have TeamSpeak.
  • Have a registered forum account.
  • Be MAUL verified.
  • Be in good standing with EdgeGamers (no current bans).
  • If a member of a team doesn’t show up, the other teammate has 5 minutes to find a replacement for his team that follows the guidelines. If the remaining teammate cannot find a replacement then they will automatically forfeit.
  • If a team is unable to complete a match, then they will automatically forfeit.

Sign Ups
  • Again, both members of the team must fill out the application.
  • Applications will close one week before the tournament
  • First FIVE teams to sign up after the 16 or 24 teams have priority to fill in empty spots
  • The sign up link can be found HERE

To be Announced.

If you're reading way down here and are interested in casting, shoot me a forum PM
Don't forget to join our CS Steam Group and our Discord, notifications for events will be posted on both



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Current Teams Signed up
  1. Belt & Shalom (bignutsgang)
  2. Eerie & Martine
  3. Duck & pZ_ (sully comback)
  4. JayyT & joe mama the god (Schizo)
  5. Chaonyx & Bobbb (Bobbbsexuals)
  6. QuickiexD & nekk (Delivery Drivers)
  7. Goosesk & pepe (MG Cleavers)
  8. ghost & Meyers (peeps)
  9. Wavy Baby & Boopie (FeetusDeletus)
  10. RyanT & natemansdead (Cloud -9)
  11. Sloths & santa (The Attic Boys)
  12. houzekeeping & kuantum (#headass)
  13. Zero & 6900
  14. bulba 1 & DeerFat (01)
  15. nonya & max (bhop_japan)
  16. CT :) & dgood37
  17. heidi & Karma (XiT Woundz)
  18. JUULGOD27 & Prae
  19. radcon & I've seen things
  20. Grumpy Kitten & I cant carry (Fire-Breathing Hamsters)
  21. Sockies & gian
  22. D3fault & Star (Malibu)
  23. Belakk & SadDepression
  24. Luminite & Vane (The pepega duo)
Reserve Teams:
  1. sopheyy & Tendies
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Current Teams Signed up
  1. Belt & Shalom
  2. ih & Erick
  3. Duck & pZ_
  4. JayyT & joe mama the god
  5. Chaonyx & bobbb
  6. justin & nekk
  7. Goosesk & pepe
  8. ghost & Meyers
  9. Wavy Baby & Wavie
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