Meet The Leadership - DrkChocolate


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What's your favorite sweet? Mine is DrkChocolate, a TF2 Community Manager and subject of today's Meet The Leadership! Since her joining back in February of 2016, Drk has been an amazing, active TF2 player. You may see her managing our TF2 servers or strategizing in Rainbow Six Siege. Now listen in, grab some hot cocoa, and learn more about DrkChocolate!

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Springsteen's Boss
Board Member
When this started, I wondered how this young person was going to be able to host an interview that would keep my interest (no offense Dank). However, quickly on, I found myself enjoying the interaction. Well done @dank.. Keep up the good work! Love ya @DrkChocolate, even though you're a cat lady.


One of the best MTLs so far