Favorite Call Of Duty?


What is your favorite Call of Duty game of all time?
Mine would probably be either Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3. The more recent ones, I really enjoyed Black Ops 3.


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Black ops 2 changed my child hood so much


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Black Ops 2 was a personal favorite mostly due to league play but if I wanted to play for pure fun I would have to say MW3 as it introduced the infected game mode and you could do a lot of different and fun things in custom lobbies on there. Tough tossup between those two but I'd probably give it to BO2.


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My heart still lives on in CoD4. Just had some great times on it. So many hours dumped into Search and Destroy maps, trying to do knife-only rounds, etc. So many neat little events too we had. I liked the first Black Ops a fair bit though.

I didn't really keep up with the series after that though, so maybe I'm missing out on something.


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Did anyone here (besides me) played the Original CoD back in the day?

It looked like you were riding an invisible unicycle when you ran. People could shoot you if they could see even a pixel of your player model. And it was Toxic AF!


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United Offensive: So much moding, custom levels, etc. There were full overhall mods like German Front Mod that created a class system, added gore that didn't exist in the game, AND created player hit-boxes to shoot at when an enemy was in an open-top vehicle besides cars (it was like witchcraft back then).
Close second was CoD4.

@SturmBruder I did! Not sure about the toxic stuff, was with a significantly less-than-pg13-friendly clan at the time.
As to the sprinting, I'll have to pull some of my old screen-captures up from when I found some hilarious moments.
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MW2 BO1 BO2 BO3 are the best ones, can't really choose between MW2 and BO3 doe