Media Community Manager


Media Community Manager - March 25nd, 2021

@webby came to EdgeGamers through the Prestige Gaming merger. He began his journey in EdgeGamers in Counter-Strike, calling TTT his home. Eventually, webby transferred over to MS, where he eventually began as an Event Coordinator & Application Processor. After a few months of hosting pog events, his interests began to shift and he was offered a Manager position in Media, specifically as the Writing & News Manager. Soon after, he was promoted to Senior Manager. And finally, a few weeks ago, webby was offered a position at the Community Management table. Webby's leadership throughout his time at EdgeGamers and with the Media Team has proven to us that webby will be a valued asset at the CM table.

On behalf of the rest of Community Management Team,
Congrags @webby !

Artist: @december | Writer: @Adam

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