Event Among Watch | 3/30/21 | 10:00PM EST

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Among Watch


Host: @b t

What is Among Watch?
Among Watch is the Among Us mod in Overwatch. There will be a certain amount of crewmates against some imposters. The crewmates must finish their tasks or vote out the imposters to win. The imposters must blend in with the crewmates, while at the same time kill them off. If there are the same amount of imposters as crewmates at any point, the imposters win. If you want to know more, please contact @Shalom as he is an expert.

How do I attend?
The event will take place in the Edgegamers Overwatch discord found here: EGO Overwatch Discord. In the Discord we have a channel dedicated to events.

Event times
M | CST: 9PM | EST: 10PM
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