Event Overwatch Parkour | 3/31/21 | 8:00PM EST

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Overwatch Parkour Night


Host: @b t
Cohost: @Buster

What is an Overwatch Parkour Night event?
We will be jumping, dashing, swinging from roof to roof on some of your favorite Overwatch maps!
We are gonna play some Overwatch parkour maps ranging from Ana parkour, Multi-hero parkour, Climb the Mountain, and other parkour related minigames.

How do I attend?
The event will take place in the EdgeGamers Overwatch discord found here: EGO Overwatch discord.
If you scroll down you will see we have some channels dedicated to events, and we will be in Events General. Try to hop on a few minutes prior to the start and have some fun!

Event times
PST: 5:00 PM | CST: 7:00 PM | EST: 8:00 PM
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