Event Run from rein 4/1/2021


Overwatch Run From Rein

Overwatch Reinhardt GIF by Dallas Fuel

Host: @bulba1

What is a Run From Rein event?

Run From Rein is a game mode in which players must run to opposite safe zones without getting hit by Reinhardt. Once a player is tagged, they will become rein and fight to stop the other runners. Many heroes have modified abilities to balance the gameplay.

How do I attend?
The event will take place in the Edgegamers Overwatch discord found here: EGO Overwatch Discord. In the Discord, we have a channel dedicated to events.

Event times
PST: 4:00 PM | MST: 5:00PM | CST: 6:00PM | EST: 7:00 PM

Hope to see you there!