Why is eGO so special to you? and why eGO?

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I think in my opinion, eGO was one of the first JB servers I played on, and honestly it was pretty fun. I knew some people and we played together, and we all had a good time! Even tho I live across the world from the United States, I still love to interact with the community of eGO! I feel comfortable here. But anyways this isn't about me. This is about you! Tell us about Why is eGO so special to you! and why eGO :)
some honourable mentions!
@DeerFat @WeebTiem @WaSe @Maruchan
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active bhop server with huge map selection /good timer/active staff/wide variety of characters majority of the time

and on jb the mods/admins actually bring justice to toxic cts/ prisoners that actively rebel 9 times out of 10/overall funny moments


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Well I’ve stuck around long enough I suppose it holds some place in my heart.

It was a good spot for me to grow up a little - I made some friends but there were a bunch of adults there to help guide me through life a little. Played lots of fun games and spent endless nights on Teamspeak / Ventrilo having fun. Good group of people mentally got me through college here.

So even if I don’t play much anymore it’s hard to let go.


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When I first found eGO, I was watching YouTubers play TTT on other games and just wanted to give the game mode a shot - played for a bit then took a break from CSGO until I came back and joined. I never expected to stick around this community that long when I found the TTT server and decided to become a member. Mainly because of my love/hate relationship with CSGO. Love the game, hate the toxic community that comes with it.

It wasn't until I saw we had a roleplay server and gave that a shot and made some really good friends. Regardless of whether or not I stick with the community forever - the friends I made will definitely remain and I'm grateful for all the awesome people I've met and have become close with. :giggle:

@LeafParker5 @patasnegras @Blossom @jacam007 @Inkery @Stone9512 @OmgWtfNamesTaken @iLLusion99 @deltawolf75 @DeathItBe just to name a few awesome people who made my stay here that much better.


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I first started just looking for a fun TTT server when I found the =(eGO)= TTT server, played on that for a month and a half and got promoted! I had no idea how I got promoted I just got the e tag to look cool. I've been staying here for a while because it's actually one of the things I enjoy. Gaming.

There's been a lot of these forum posts lol


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A little over a decade ago, I joined eGO because of TF2 and was met with someone named ScrappyDoo. I got promoted to an eG and switched to CS:S because of Jailbreak and that's where I developed my person and became an admin trainer under bigredking, eventually leading up to a community manager. I made a mistake and it costed me my position as a CM and I was demoted to a DL while being replaced in the same day, which is a slap to the face, but OK. I quickly realized that I did not enjoy being a DL as I felt my experience was more and I stepped down to being an O member.

Fast forwarding, Legend demoted me over a PM for being too mean to people, which is fucking retarded after the work I put in many years and against all grains, but that's OK. That's his decision and his right to do that, but I will never forget or forgive him for that. In a world where I was seen different because of my views, music choices, and issues with talking to people, I found solidarity in eGO and it was stripped from me over a PM instead of engaging in a pivotal conversation about my behaviors. This crushed me and made me feel worthless so I literally stopped using the Internet for a year or two. Crazy what the Internet can do, huh?

I left eGO at my request for a long time and tried to find what I was missing in different communities to no avail; there is no replacement for eGO. Fast forward, I rejoined it under GTA5 because you needed to be an e in order to participate in emergency services. Passing the training and becoming a Paramedic, I was finally involved in eGO again and it made me happy. I quickly became inactive in the GTA5 division because I did not know how to really play, per say. I know how to roleplay and have excellent experience from my Jailbreak days, but I did not understand how to actually play aside from being an excellent paramedic and I didn't have friends in the division.

Now I just post on the forums and try to help others when I can while spreading the gospel of extreme metal, specifically death metal.

eGO meant a lot to me and it still does as my memories of it will never fade and it provided me with experiences that translated into real life. Thanks to eGO, I stopped being nervous around humans and became more interactive with humanity.

Some people might see me as an asshole, but I'm just a straight forward no bullshit guy. I tried to bullshit once and it costed me my coveted position as a Community Manager, a mistake I will not repeat. Two people I will forever respect and who have my utmost loyalty are @USCG Hammer and @Artimus for their wisdom, guidance, and ability to develop me into something I was not before. If they were ever in a bind and called me, I would go out of my way to help them in any way I could.

eGO might not mean a lot to people or just might be another community, regardless of rank, I consider this my home and I wish I could get more involved, but I'm so out of the loop with everything.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.


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ego is beyond special to me because it has given me some of my bestest friends ever. The people here is the reason I have stayed here so long.

I enjoy my role here in the media team, and the whole creative process aswell. It feels great to give back to a community that has given me friendships that will last a lifetime.

Only eGO has @Architect of Life @Erk @Semo @EDisch222 @K4PPA @I cant carry and others of this world. No gaming community has these people who bring happiness to my life.


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If I'm being completely honest, idk why eGO. back in 2017 when I started playing GTA5 RP eGO was the best and friendliest server I found, in all honesty idk why I thought it was the best at it was like 16 players in only paleo bay but regardless, I met some awesome people and fell in love with it. Till this day I love eGO and the people that come with it. I've made a lot of great friends here and have a lot of great memories.
All in all, I'm thankful for eGO and all the people I've met while playing on their servers.