TF2 FREE WEEKEND!!!! GET YOUR COPY NOW! Pyro update too!!

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Team Fortress 2 Pyro Update Week
Free Weekend Begins Friday on Steam

June 16, 2008 - Valve, creators of award-winning games and leading technologies, today announced a set of new releases for Team Fortress 2, the title named Multiplayer Game of the Year by PC Gamer and

The main event of the week is the Pyro Update, which will be made available this Thursday and contains three unlockable new weapons for the Pyro plus 35 new achievements. In addition, two user-created maps are included to highlight the great work being done in the community and distribute those works to all TF2 players..

Meanwhile as folks wait for the Pyro Update to be released, the latest in the "Meet the Team" video shorts, "Meet the Sniper," will be made available tomorrow (Tuesday, June 17) at 11 am PDT along with a web site dedicated to the Pyro update.

Finally, to give everyone a chance to try the new weapons and community maps, Valve will hold another Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend via Steam, a leading online platform for the delivery and management of PC games. The Free Weekend is scheduled to begin this Friday at 11 am PDT.
I'm not looking forward to this weekend...although the new achievements will be great. I remember the last free much lag...:(
I can't wait to see the new pyro weapons! I say one of the new guns in the "Meet the Sniper" video, I have no idea what it will be, it kinda looks like a SuperSoaker.
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