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i think theres shoukd be more maps played and made theres a constant flow of the same maps over and over some are ok but i think there should be a constant flow of new maps people have never played


Depende on the server, too depend on the people, some people just vote for same map over and over again influencing other to do so, you can also join the Tech(MAP team) to create some new map if you have knowledge here
Btw you need e tag for Map team( consider using my name as who recommended you if you're applying <3)

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@Anbu Destiny

Maps have a cool down so they cannot be played over and over again. You are not wrong in saying the same maps are played frequently though.

There’s about 10 different maps that commonly go through the jailbreak map rotation and the other 20ish are played a couple times a week max, some are probably even played once a month at most if that.

Your best shot at playing different maps is playing late at night or early in the morning (like 12AM-8AM CST)
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I don't think the issue is the amount of maps we have, all eGO servers have a fairly large library of maps, the issue as mentioned by @CT 5555 is that the same maps are getting replayed over and over. If people would try something new and explore the catalog I don't think this would be an issue, but since people like familiarity we are stuck playing Clouds on jailbreak or Close Quarters on TTT a lot.


Maybe something could be added like for example a longer period of prohibition about the nomination of all those maps overplayed (like clouds, VIP, minecraft, etc...) than other maps unplayed. Like for example : given that clouds is overplayed during the day and idk, shapeshifter is playing 1-2 times in a week, the period to be able to nominate clouds in the map pool should be 10 maps to wait for example whereas shapeshifter would be 5-6 maps to wait.
Its just a suggestion but, for real, i'm so tired and bored to play the same 5-6 maps 2 or 3 times in 3 hours. I'm not clearly not the only one


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Just beg thorgot for new maps.