Overwatch Day - April 24th, 2021

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The Overwatch EC Leadership would love to invite all of you to an Overwatch Day that will take place on Saturday, April 24th, from 12 PM EST to 12 AM EST!

On this day, @b t and @EDisch222 will be hosting a 12 hour day of Overwatch and other events, including helping new members get their e tag! For the non-Overwatch events, the winner(s) will be getting a copy of Overwatch to enjoy forever! However, if you already own Overwatch, other game copies within a similar price range will be given out instead.

This day will be taking place in the Overwatch discord for 12 hours of fun. We all encourage you to come and hope you enjoy this day to the fullest extent.
Hope to see you all soon!!

@december | Writer: @max | Editor: @Martin @december

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Nice, I wonder who wrote this! They did a good job whoever it was.


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great work on your first write @max keep the work up :)

pog event cant wait