Counter-Strike: Global Offensive AWP 24/7 Server Contest


Senior Manager

CS AWP Server Contest!

The Counter-Strike Leadership team would like to celebrate the release of our new server and show our appreciation to you members of the community by hosting an AWP server contests with prizes for the winners! The goal of the contest is to gain as many kills as possible by out-sniping your competitors. The top 3 players who have gathered the most kills at the end of the contest will win!

I have written a poem to express my excitement:

RDM'ers and freekillers be gone
A new server has appeared on Counter-Strikes lawn
Sweaty snipes is the goal
Custom Stats is a troll

How to Win:
Players with the most kills will be revealed in 2 weeks on 4/19/2021

1st place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
2nd place: 2 Months of Dedicated Supporter
3rd place: 1 Month of Dedicated Supporter

How to Enter
• Comment anything :)
• Tag 3 lovely people (if you don't have friends then just tag @Larry_Da_Lobster)

Winners will be announced in two weeks! Good luck to all! - CS LE

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