My List of the Best People I've Met on EdgeGamers


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I'm going to discuss some of my favorite people I met on EdgeGamers over the 3 years I've been around. I'm also going to try and keep them short and simple as they don't need to be very long to get the point across. I recently got perm banned so I decided to make this list. (I played CS)


CtrlAltDelicious is one of the most mature players I've met on Jailbreak. He saw me make mistakes when I was younger and understood that. He was a very lenient admin who let things slide, but also did his job if it got out of hand. He let you have FUN and was enjoyable to be around. I got banned multiple times for things and he always put his foot forward to defend & help me get unbanned. Big shout out to him and the memories we made. (I heard he had a kid but not sure, so good luck my man!)


Jacko is another admin who was lenient with me and knew I made mistakes. He wasn't an admin who let disrespect fly and was one of the only admins to stand up for me when I was younger, which looking back is pretty cool. He was a good player and was there to have a good time. Respect can go a long way and his respect for me always stuck with me.


Belakk was a very FUN person to be around. We could always crack jokes at each other without getting in trouble. Having fun and cracking jokes is a huge reason I play any videogame, and considering belakk was an admin that could do these types of things gave me respect for him. Big shout out to you belakk for all the fun we had.

Here's some other people worth mentioning:
@Stage 2 nugget nut God

My best advice to anyone reading this is to have fun and be respectful towards one another! Don't make dumb mistakes like I did.

Feel free to share some people you like in the comments, I'd love to read some memories you've had in the community.

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