Accepted Public Safety Application - Dusty Rhodes

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Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Character Full Name:
Dusty Rhodes
Your Timezone:
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Preferred Shift:
4:00PM - 7:00PM
What's your character's backstory?:
I was born in Vice City to a nice family in a nice neighborhood. Ever since I was a young boy, I have wanted to be a police officer or some sort of public servant. My father was in the military and we were constantly moving around, so I never had a lot of friends. Most of my time was spent learning how to dissemble and assemble firearms with my dad, and playing sports. When I was 14 years old my parents were both killed by a drunk driver. I spent a lot of my childhood bouncing back and forth through foster homes before finally landing in a home where the father in the house, officer Mark Pluto, was a police officer. Being able to watch him every day selflessly do what he loves to do created a drive and a desire in me that has only grown stronger over the years. He is the one who instilled into me desire to serve. After high school I went to college to pursue a degree in criminal justice. During my time at university, I watched a lot of close friends be destroyed by drugs and alcohol. I knew instantly that I was not meant for that lifestyle. Since I graduated from college, I have reconnected with my old foster parents and been seeing them quite frequently. While helping them fix up their house, Mark told me that he thinks it was time for me to try to begin my career in law enforcement.
Why is your character looking to join the San Andreas Department of Public Safety?:
It has been a lifelong goal of mine to be a law enforcement officer, and I know that it would make my childhood foster parents proud. I also want to finally try and clean up all the drug dealers and drug smuggling gangs of Los Santos.
Provide a brief description of your characters primary personality traits.:
I am very physically fit, with a strong moral character and a lot of patience.
Do you have a criminal record?:
Do you have traffic infractions?:
Have you held a position in Emergency Services previously?:
Why are you joining the selected department?:
I have always had great experience with the BSCO, they seem like a great group of people.
Please provide us with one single reason you are the right fit for this department.:
I am dedicated to bringing criminals to justice.


Warriors Bleed Blue

San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Human Resources

Dusty Rhodes,

Thank you for your interest in the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. The recruitment team has received your application for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. After reviewing your application, we have determined that we would like to proceed your application to an interview. Please get in contact with a member of Human Resources to schedule a time to have your interview completed, or wait at Mission Row Police Department for an available member of Human Resources.

Hours Of Operation: (Eastern Time Zone)
Monday-Sunday: 12:00pm-11:00pm

If you wish to interview outside those hours, please reach out to a member of Human Resources. If needed, you can reach me via discord: Dustin#2019

Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be cancelled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days).

Frank Decaprio,
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
SADPS Human Resources
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