Last Night On Donner

Of all people, *I* was accused of being a hacker. LOL!

At the time, I had 25 kills and 3 deaths after playing for about an hour, so it was kind of an average night for me. :)
lol i was playing with a guy who had 27 kills and 1 death. He should be accused

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lol, thats wierd Outlaw. You'd think the random newbies would accuse me of hacking once in a while.... But they dont. =[

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i was with outlaw on his team and the americans kept rushing outta the field to our 2nd where outlaw was happily waiting to take their lives so idk why he should be considered a hacker for that.


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Lol, I don't see why they would think that Outlaw would be a hacker, he sits with his MG and blasts people as they come into his line of sight.


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:( i'm never called a hacker :( unless i'm sniping on ava muhahah :)


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Im never called a hacker either...unless im sniping JMAN
hacker!!! ~:( jk :p your good at sniping though, i will say that
ive never been called 1 :( i guess i suck :(( anyway, hugo gets it all the time. on avg he is like 35:3, or at least thats the last time i saw lol
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I've been called a hacker, but that's because I don't spend 2 hours sitting in one place.

Let's be fair here - I don't spend two hours (or even one hour) in one place. I actually move around quite a bit, and I'd say a lot more than most mg'ers you see.
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I've been called a hacker...even with the score of 120:40....

I had a 90/8 on sunday night before the server reset itself. :)
I've never denied I'm a camper - I almost always play mg, so it kind goes with the territory. However, last weekend, I made 5 shovel kills (I'm trying to mix it up a bit for my loyal fanbase). :)


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Ive been accused of hacking, but it wasn't a big deal b/c the person who was saying it was just saying it out of my score was like 22/3 w/ support!! SS= SUPER SUPPORT!


I've been called a hacker once. I had just joined Right To Rule Donner server and 10 seconds into the game I shot ONE GUY, and he immediately accused me of hacking. All the other people on the server said don't worry, that guy sucks, so he blames the person who killed him of hacking. :O


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I get called a hacker all the time. Hugo and Mein Kamphy Chair have nothing on me... except they have way better shots and kill me all the time =D. Actually I have never been called a hacker because most of the time, I'm doing great if my k:d is breaking even =].

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Last night Baron had like a 58:7 ratio it was awesome