Interview Public Safety Application - Mason Terra


San Andreas Fire Rescue
Character Full Name:
Mason Terra
Your Timezone:
Preferred Shift:
What's your character's backstory?:
Flew in from canada, looking to pursue some careers that are more fulfilling than the failed things he went after in Canada. Particularly interested in stuff that benefits the public in LS, especially because of how understaffed the medic team can be at times. Currently mason is pursuing being a police officer and is currently waiting for the academy. Overall a dedicated member of LS looking to help the people of LS in many ways.
Why is your character looking to join the San Andreas Department of Public Safety?:
Mason is currently a cadet waiting for the academy and is looking to expand his knowledge to the medical field. Cop work sure as hell can involve some people needing some medical attention so mason is interested in pursuing a medical field job for that reason to assist with his police work as well. That however does not mean that mason has no interest in dedicated work with SAFR and will be equally loyal/dedicated to both.
Provide a brief description of your characters primary personality traits.:
Fast learner, dedicated, good at multitasking [applies to having multiple jobs as well]
Do you have a criminal record?:
Do you have traffic infractions?:
Have you held a position in Emergency Services previously?:
Why are you joining the selected department?:
To help people out and help his work with police as well.
Please provide us with one single reason you are the right fit for this department.:
Mason is looking to help people and is deedicated to that cause.




San Andreas Fire Department
6020 Capital Blvd, Los Santos, San Andreas
Mason Terra,

After reviewing your application we have decided to invite you to a formal interview for the Paramedic position within the San Andreas Fire & Rescue.
Please connect onto our TeamSpeak so you can complete an interview with one of our recruiters. We look forward to speaking with you!

Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be cancelled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days).

If needed, you can reach me via discord: Positive#2897

Best Regards,
Jack Peterson
Battalion Chief
San Andreas Fire & Rescue
EdgeGamers Gaming Community
Human Resources Department​


Should i just keep an eye on teamspeak for someone to be lurking around there or just sit in a channel?


Should i just keep an eye on teamspeak for someone to be lurking around there or just sit in a channel?
Keep an eye on Teamspeak. It most likely wont be tonight as its 12 am. We'll probably contact you via discord if required.


im okay with just tossing the app for now tbh, and just coming back to it later considering i gotta deal with the academy this weekend.