Accepted Public Safety Application - Kino Mikato


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Los Santos Police Department
Character Full Name:
Kino Mikato
Your Timezone:
Pacific time
Preferred Shift:
10 am - 4 pm
What's your character's backstory?:
Kino was raised in a small town just north of British Columbia with a small population of 253. He lived alone most of his life after his mom and dad died in a car crash coming home from a business trip when he was 16. He grew up with his uncle who volunteered as the town sheriff more even day while he was at school and helped him learn right from wrong. There wasn't much crime in the town, just a bit of graffiti, sometimes a robbery would happen but it wouldn't be anything too bad. But the life of a small town is not easy, we all pitch in together and protect our own. Someone needs help we be there for each other. Sadly when Kino grew older, his fate would be to move to San Andreas. Now this is a big city, that seems filled of hard with a lot of crime. There seems more of them and not enough of you out there. I hope to help with that.
Why is your character looking to join the San Andreas Department of Public Safety?:
Kino always wanted to protect those in need, to serve a greater cause for those who deserve a better future. His life has always been about volunteering at the sheriff's office or the fire department to help out in his small town. Everyone knew that if you needed someone to count on, Kino or his uncle was the person to call. It was just how his uncle raised him.
Provide a brief description of your characters primary personality traits.:
Kino is a compassionate individual who would rather talk things out then let things get to violence, but knows things might have to come down to it eventually. He is a little goofy at times and says sorry a lot. He does his best to get the job done but does punish himself when he doesn't do it properly or fails. He will always try his hardest to do the right thing.
Do you have a criminal record?:
Do you have traffic infractions?:
Have you held a position in Emergency Services previously?:
Why are you joining the selected department?:
I feel that the Police Department is currently something I can help with the best, and LSPD seems to need it the most with how many people I've seen running red lights, running over civilians, robbing others for a little bit of cash, or shooting others just because they didn't like what they said. Sure you can't do much about the last one but take them to jail but we can help lessen the others by having more presence. My feeling is that this department needs it. I'm sure the other does too, but this one needs the help more.
Please provide us with one single reason you are the right fit for this department.:
I am a helpful person and am willing to work hard everyday to help others in everyday I can. I have already met a lot of people in the department and they are really wonderful people, like Star.


The next sheriff

San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Human Resources

Kino Mikato,

Thank you for your interest in the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. The recruitment team has received your application for the Los Santos Police Department. After reviewing your application, we have determined that we would like to proceed with your application for an interview. Please connect to our TeamSpeak so you can complete your interview with one of our Human Resources officer.


Hours Of Operation: (Eastern Time Zone)
Monday-Sunday: 12:00pm-11:00pm

If you wish to interview outside those hours, please reach out to a member of Human Resources.

If needed, you can reach me via discord: Halu#0236

Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be canceled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days).

Zach Edwards,
Blaine County Sheriff's Department
SADPS Human Resources
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