csgo - ttt - i dont know what happen but why was my e tag taken away?


What application are you reporting this issue on?

What server is this happening on?

Short description of the bug.
i dont know what happen but why was my e tag taken away?

Description of the bug.
i was playing ttt with my friends and my e tag was removed

What should be happening instead?
dont know if there was a reason but can you guys tell me?

Describe how to replicate the bug.
e tag go bye bye no more e tag

Extra info? no


i was in the forms and logged in not even a week ago


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You must log at least 1 time in a period of time of 1 week(7 days) into the Forums/MAUL so MAUL mark you as active, if maul mark you as inactive it gonna take away your tag in the games

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Your tag was automatically removed due to inactivity. To prevent this from happening, be sure you log onto the forums at least once a week, and additionally click the MAUL tab at the top if you ever have issues with it marking you as inactive even if you have been visiting the site. If this doesn't fix it, log out of the site and log back in, then navigate to the MAUL tab and you should be good~