How about the worst movies?

1. Manos: Hands of Fate
2. Troll 2
3. Glitter
4. Son of the Mask
5. Phat Girlz
6. Lawnmower Man 2
7. Baby Geniuses
8. Gigli
9. Battlefield Earth
10. Teen Wolf 2

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I've heard Kingdom of Heaven was pretty bad....

Other than that, I havent watched any bad movies. Anything we watch is usually researched to death. i hate sitting through bad movie.


I made one post
1. Kingdom of Heaven
2. Snakes on a Plane
3. Any of the later Batman movies except for the most recent, Batman Begins
4. Baby Geniuses definitely makes it on here


snakes on a plane was the stupidest movie ever


The brain that wouldn't die. I Think that was the name. I'm sure you can imagine how bad of movie it was with a name like that.


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Marine, was a remake of Superman but without the super powers =\


Rookie was like a musical with bloody violence, no one talked i could'nt stand it and it was horrible
Boa vs. Python was not a good movie and the same goes for Frankenfish


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dont ask why i rented it, lol i was rushed and my sister wanted a movie that she might like soooo...
it turned out to be some inapropriet women on women movie.
great for my sister lol. but we. it had no plot and was horrible.


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Epic Movie. Wasn't even funny. The jokes were incredibly predictable and stupid. The only reason I saw it was because Saw III was sold out that day.

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