New News!


This month's drawing is officially closed.

Thanks to all of you who particpated!

And special thanks to Saitek who have created the Cyborg line of gaming peripherals just for people like us.

The drawing will be held on June 25th.

For those of you wondering what it takes to keep eGO up and running every is a little over 1k. That's right, over $1,000 give or take a hundred bucks each month for new server setup fees, ect ect...

The people with the financial ribbons are the ones who have contributed over the past two years and have allowed us to grow from 2 servers to 20 servers. Now, with our sponsors like Saitek giving us gear to give to them they not only support the greatest community of all time, they get a chance to get free state of the art gear!

Thank them all for your free Server and Free admin powers!


The website rollout has been bumpy. Everyone is doing great by haning in there with us. Last night we moved the forums from an older amd 3000 with 1 gig of ram to a more modern dual core with 4 gigs of ram. That should help.

There are some tweaks rolling out to make the site feel more homey. You can help by entering up to 5 entries in the contest.

In general, things have gone fairly smoothly, the DB did not completely blow up. We have 99.99% of all the posts and everyone has credit for their posts and join date. Over 1,500 permissions have been given out to individuals.

Be sure to thank Dominion, Deacon, GardenGroveVW, Lafinass, and Pipcorona. You guys rock!
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You guys have done a wonderful job! Everything is professional and looks great.


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Thank you "Dominion GardenGroveVW LAfinass and all the other people that i forgot to copy and paste. :)