The rest of the interview with Tech Sgt. Starbuck

Todd Trent here from DOD Hall of Fame Monthly Magazine with the final excerpts from an interview that I did in March with the immortal Tech Sgt. Starbuck:

Todd: Tech, there is much talk about a shrine just for you. How do you feel about that?
TSS: I think that would be a bit too much but let the fans do as they wish.

Todd: There are rumors that you have made a fortune on the "Tech Rules" T-shirts. Any truth there?
TSS: Surprisingly the sales have been brisk with over 3 million sold at $25 apiece but after the first batch sold out Artimus and John T started charging $5 each on each sale and with shipping and handling costs I only make about twenty cents per shirt. Kinda sucks, Todd.

Todd: Are there any players in eGO who actually come close to your skill?
TSS: Well, no. This Aquafresh guy has actually shot me a couple of times but I'm SURE that he doesn't hack. (Tech winks at me).

Todd: Tech, talking to a legend like you has been the high point in my career. I want to thank you for the honor of just being in your presence.
TSS: Todd, the pleasure was all mine. I like to stay in touch with my fan base and most of all....Stay humble.

There you have it folks, the amazing, legendary Tech Sgt. Starbuck in his own words.

Todd Trent
DOD Hall of Fame Magazine


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# Rank Victim Name Kills Deaths K:D Skill
1 650 =(eGO)=Tech. Sgt. Starbuck [R|P 66 6 11.00 1475.95

I thank you muchly for not playing to your best, Tech.


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haha tech.....hey tech i've killed you 304 times! guess how many times you killed me.......55 8)


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I don't think I have ever played with you, gotta get around to doing that sometime =D.


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I <3 tech!!! (non gay way)


i have put hot sauce in your eye plenty of times... ill do it some more too!
next time u throw a grenade at me i will just swallow it and run towards my own teamates knowing it is for the greater good of the all might TECH SGT. STARBUCK!!!!!!!!
haha tech.....hey tech i've killed you 304 times! guess how many times you killed me.......55 8)

These stats Death? kills deaths

1 (US) United States =(eGO)=Tech. Sgt. Starbuck [R|P 4,523 0 US Rifle Grenade

They ssem quite accurate.



I <3 tech!!! (non gay way)

Lol :p

Same as he said lol