Going to Florida!

I'll be gone for two weeks in Sarasota on Siesta Key island. Its gonna be hard not playin for that long. Hope you guys have fun! I'll defiantly be playing a lot when I get back. Me and Joker are going out drinkin, I'll update you guys with stories.


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Have fun :)


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Can you send me a drink or 2? =P Have fun dude.


I live in Sarasota... it's been years since I went to the beach...
If I never go again it will be to soon.... give me a mountains view
Snicker grin


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I live about 45 minutes South of that in Ft. Myers weve got 4 nice beaches if you are into the beach stuff. I personally am a skimboarder.


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Well, have a good time. Make sure you guys watch each other when you go drink, cops are thick around those parts
have fun buddy, don't get too wasted so joker doesn't draw any obcene pictures on your face like what my friend did to me ;)