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On the past few weeks on playing on the avalanche server, I've noticed a lot of people, in edge or not, looking down on how people play the game.

I'll take mine for instance. The suicide grenades.

Before anything else goes forth, I am not sending any negative messages to anyone. Not putting anyone down, I just would like to discuss.

Blazing heat states that it was not mature way of playing the game. Right after that he states just play the game and do your best. I understand what Blazing Heat means by that, but those two sentences conflicted each other when it comes to my situation. To also go more into this, most of eGO will say just play and have fun. Is that not what I was doing?

In my intro thread, I posted this:

[quote1180453730=Blazing Heat]
Hi mann, if you're the guy who is always suicide should just play....we need mature people...not suiciders...thank you.
Well Blazing Heat, I don't think you get why I do that. When I'm out in the middle using my suicide nades, I look around where people are shooting me from and tell my team mates where the opposing team will be. Not to mention I get to see areas not being guarded.

And I do infact do all those things when going on my suicide grenade runs. For those who've played with me on the same time, you'll hear me say where the opposing teams snipers/machine gunners are, or where enemies are going in.

What does this have to do with all the other players that come in?

  • *don't camp
    *u suk at the sniper give it up
    *don't do that thats horrible
    * etc.

These are all not much of a problem. But there is a noticeable line between if someone is doing something just to be annoying, and someone trying something out new.
Eh, don't stress it. Try to listen to what the admin has to say, but don't get worked up if one doesn't like something you do. I've noticed alot of different personalities in the admins. Some are more strict and some aren't. Some thrive on the rules, and some have fun goofing off. Just be respectful and be yourself. If it's a big deal I'm sure they'll let you know.
I think one of the best ways to handle this is through pm's with a council member, or a clan advisor, and with Blazing Heat. Personally, I feel that playing styles are unique on a person to person basis, and as long as you aren't being disruptive or annoying in the server, it's legal. However I wasn't involved in whatever took place, so again, maybe a pm or two would be the best way to handle it.
Everyone has a different playing style, and no matter what, at least one of them will get you called a n00b by someone. Whether it be suicide grenades, camping, hiding in dark places, etc. In war, it wouldn't matter, since you can do whatever the hell you want, as long as you kill the enemy. So, you should be able to do whatever you want to kill the enemy in a war videogame, too, short of spawnkilling, which would mean that you kill someone as they are being born in a hospital....that's just unnecessary. I wouldn't suggest bunnyhopping in real life either. Being called a noob would be the best thing that could happen if you're squad saw you hopping around like an idiot.
Many of the players are very young kids. They have pixellated weapons and think they are king. For some of them dod, cs, wow, etc. is their entire life.

If they get a little out of hand, tell them to read the MOTD (enter the letters MOTD in-game). It will answer every, particularly the fact that what the admin says, goes.

I generally give two warnings and tell them to relax and play, then it is either a kick (to get their attention), or a time ban. For those that know my admin style, the word relax usually means they are on thin ice. The thing with admin is knowing when not to use the big stick....but at the same time, you have to lay down the law.
Well in my opinion if your good at suicide nades then go for it! Just dont be dissapointed when I shoot you before you can get close to me :) As far as having a problem with another clanmate especialy eGO's, feel free to pm any of us advisors and we can take care of it.
just a question. why would u even want to though? your score is going nowhere but down and smae with your rank if you do that...but i guess the game is really all about having fun. hell, i bet ill probably get a kick out of suicide nading, maybe ill give a try if its my only hope :)
i remember that night i left before the whole kick ban stuff happened but it was actually working the way that mann said he was distracting the axis and we were winning pretty much all the time.

his score was bad tho 2/173 is the last i remember lol

i can kinda understand why blazing did that is people are joining the game for fun not to be blown up by a crazy american with a handgrenade in his hands yelling(not really) death to axis, ha jihad...
idk i would probably left the game after 5-10 or so...

it was fun though keep up the good work buddy hope to headshot you soon...
I didn't mean to be offensive Mann, it's just my opinion, and I'm sorry if it came off offensive. But it was just that your score was once -1(kills) and big death amount, and it seems like a bad score, but since then you have really been on plus points and being mature and owning me with your sniper/rifle skills, so you been doing great as an recruit.
IMO, suicide nading is almost the same as running up close to someone with a tommy gun or an MP40 and spraying the crap out of them. Either way, you have a somewhat decent chance of dieing. It's just how you choose to go out, and I personally find suicide grenading EXTREMELY enjoyable, and most of the enemy team will usually get a laugh out of it also, because it is something they don't expect people to do.
Why not just chuck the nade and kill the guy next to you with a gun? You stay alive longer and can kill more and take out more. But what I would like to see is you out there blowing 2-3 people up in that little sniper window! Names such as....Gary Hornwell and Hugo Maximus
[quote1180710027=Blazing Heat]
I didn't mean to be offensive Mann, it's just my opinion, and I'm sorry if it came off offensive.

lol Don't worry. I didn't take it as offenive. I TOTALLY understand you point of view and why it was questioned to be helpful to the team.

As for why I rather not chuck the grenade? I make sure the grenade gets to places I want it to.There are all different reasons for how we play. Making it useful to the team, is something else.

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