The New Forums And YOU

The New Forums And YOU

Change is not always bad. It just seems that way at first. e107 was a great CMS for us, but VB is 10 times more powerful. Sadly, it is also a little more complicated.

But, that is not a bad thing. You can do more with VB, you just have to get used to it.

Now that we have some things settled down, we are going to start rolling out some of the features of VB, but don't expect them overnight. Of course, no one likes to go slow and steady on things, but hey, we all have jobs and everyone is doing this for free.

Yes, all the hours donated to the clan are just that, donated. No one is paid to do any thing you see, with the exception of Deacon (paid very little), LayeredTech (paid a lot) and VB (we miss the underpowered but free e107).

As you can tell, it is a learning process, I just learnt from Dominion how to make a news post and poll yesterday.

Things To Come​

We are working to make the website feel a little tighter by making the natural gaming divisions stand out a little more. We are going to do this by using game specific themes (hence the first contest) and creating easier ways to navigate to each division.

We are going to be using more polls, but not the ones in the bar. These are more specific and in-depth so that you can get a better voice in the community. These will likely be delivered by PM and will be all fancy.

Buttons, everyone likes big shiney buttons. Dominion is working on making the site a bit easier to use. No way helps more than a big shining and/or flashing button.

Reviews of Games/Tech Gear/Phones/and what the heck even movies are going to have a place in a forum dedicated to that. All reviews will be generated by you. So if you have something to say about a product we want to read it. I wrote a particularly hot flaming review of my windows 6.1 phone. I just hate it and want to share my loathing with the can too. This feature should be up soon.

Remember, that we are all working and doing the best we can when we can. We are in this together.

This is an attempt to change the bar content at the top of the page:
ego paintball. paint ball gear, paintball items, buy paint balls
cell phones, iphones, htc, Motorola, ipod.
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