Media Team is Recruiting Artists


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Media Team is looking for more graphic artists!

Artists create images for the Breaking News page, this will be typically what you will be tasked with.

Here is what you need to be an artist:
  • Photoshop (Or another art program if you understand it well.)
  • Be able to give and take constructive criticism/feedback
  • A want to grow as an artist
We aren't necessarily looking for experienced artists, but people who demonstrate the want to learn and grow. This means actual graphic art, not paint drawn. (Love them, but not for breaking news.) If you have previous experience in photoshop, that is wonderful, and we want you in Media Team. If you use another program and you are efficient in it, also wonderful!

HOW DO I JOIN? Direct message me here on the forums, add me as a recipient! If you have any previous art you can share, please do, if not, no worries! This will follow up with a conversation in discord, or teamspeak.

Thank you for reading pals


Join Media Team
I was hesitant at first when Heidi asked me to join, but after doing some practice, I was confident in my work. Even if you're not good at art, Heidi will provide great feedback,and trust me her feedback does help

Before heidi helped

With heidi feedback


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Microsoft paint

Make sure to join if you want to learn more skills!
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