The death of an entire industry


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Like the 300 or so wheel chair factories that went out of business with the comming of the polio vaccine, the whip makers, horse shoe'ers, and telephone operators, it appears that the end of the last good playing old standby job for the uneducated masses is at an end.

Thats more waiters. Or at least, the need for them will be cut so drastically it might implode the entire acting industry in Hollywood.

What happened? Why Bill Gates of course. MS has develped a Tabeltop computer that will act as a menue and credit card accepter. It works with your Zune, photos, music, and all kinds of stuff (see advertising).

With out further ado, the next big thing:
You still need people to carry the food to the customers, and waiters do that too. Unless Microsoft makes a robot to do that...
DUDE! I see a business opportunity here. I'm going to start a restaurant modeled around that technology. Blue Screen of Death Burger anyone? Maybe a Ctrl-Alt-Del Milkshake with it?
and they can plant it on the wall like a small jukebox at the diner...and then kids can do some grafitti on it. Nice!
Freakin Bill Gates....the only thing involving him that I like is the scene in the South Park movie where he's shot in the forehead with a Colt .45. Good stuff.
Called food runners, a lot of places have them. Although, having worked at a couple of places as a server I can tell you that at least the customer can't complain that you put in the wrong order when that's what they told you.
Well, i will have to say, that is pretty sweet. At my work, we have somthing similar, as most of you know i work at a LAN gaming center called Mission Control, we have a beta of a program just like this.

You take the money off your account (which is placed on your account by me :) ) . The money on your account is your gaming time, if you want somthing to drink, simply go to the main menu and select drinks, pick which one you want out of over 25 and that gets charded off your account. Then the computer lets us know that someone just ordered up maybe a pizza, or some chips, drink somthing of that kind and we bring it to them without them ever leaving the seat.

I even get tips occasionally. Its a really cool deal, pick want you want from saftey of your computer wether it be food, drink, games, and we bring it to you
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Next thing you know they will move the okc firestoneplant to mexico! Doh!! that already happend!!

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