Resolved TeamSpeak - TeamSpeak - Code of Conduct Link Broken


What application are you reporting this issue on?

What server is this happening on?

Short description of the bug.
Code of Conduct Link Broken

Description of the bug.
When I connected, I noticed that we have a "Please review our voice server Code of Conduct here:" with a link. I was just curious so I clicked the link. It gave the classic "404 Not Found" error. The link was to "" which does not work. Side note: I am using Firefox, but it does not work in other web browsers.

What should be happening instead?
Well, I am not sure where the TeamSpeak Code of Conduct is actually located. I tried looking in the forums, but even the link on this thread seems to be broken:

Describe how to replicate the bug.
Login to TeamSpeak. Look at the "=(eGO)= | EdgeGamers |" chat log. Within the green text, you will see a link, and when you click it, the webpage shows an error.

Extra info? I doubt this is a high priority, yet I thought you should know. Thank you for your time :)




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prob just not transferred from old forums