C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\MBQRZI16\WinAntiVirusPro2007FreeInstall[1].cab

anyone know a program the can get rid of WinAntiVirusPro2007? i have tried etrust and bullguard
I had several viruses a while ago. I tried everything but nothing removed them. I had to reformat and reinstall windows...

Hope you have better luck than me :(
Nevermind, a nice Lady from Bullguards, named Bianca, walked me through how to get rid of it for 8 hours! So if you have Bullguard, make sure you get her!
lol wolen well talk about nice, caring customer service (seriously), but i nvr get viruses on my good comp if i go to an untrustful, possibly infected site i scan with Trend Micro 2007(need to renew), adaware SE PE, and AVG free
they nvr find anything and comp works fine except still no PSU yet
Here is a trick that will make your PC virtually virus proof while web surfing.

Install Virtual PC 2007. Ccreate a new virtual machine and install XP. install Firefox on the virtual machine. When your done surfing shut the machine down and disguard any changes made that session.

Everytime you start up the virtual box it's like a fresh load of windows.

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