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In this thread, we will go over some of our core feature/script changes and additions. You can refer to our megathread here to get information on our public testing week, whitelisting information, and more!

Supporting Us

If you're interested in helping us in any way we are so grateful! Here are some things you could do that would help us hit the ground running into this reset and whitelist.

As mentioned earlier, our Recruitment Coordinator Team is open, you can apply for the team by consulting with @aidan

We are always looking to get our server seen by new players and helping us do that by voting
here will help us immensely.

We could also use help by going to these links here and commenting/upvoting our posts. Share your experiences on our server and help our ad be seen by new players!

DS Perks

You can also become a dedicated supporter with EdgeGamers that comes with new perks for our FiveM server. If you support us which you can do here, you receive many perks on our new server. One of our new perks is exclusive vehicles for Dedicated Supporters via our in-game donator shop. Inside the donator shop, there will be a constant rotation of vehicles which you can only purchase if you are a dedicated supporter. You still have to pay the full in-game money price of the vehicle. After three months the exclusive dedicated supporter vehicles will be rotated out for new vehicles and the old vehicles will be given to the dealerships to purchase if they choose to. You also have the ability to get extra character slots, priority access to the server, unique custom plates without the need of having leadership step in and much more! We will be releasing an updated Dedicated Supporter thread in the upcoming weeks.

Credits Writer: @D3FaulT | Art: @heidi
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