TF2 Free Weekend!

New Weapons!
Pyro updates
New Maps​

One of the things we enjoy at Valve is seeing the fantastic things that community members create with the Source Engine SDK. When we released Team Fortress 2, we also released the production tools that we made our maps with. Since then, we?ve seen a ton of great, community-made maps appear on servers out there, and received many emails from players recommending their favorites to us. After seeing the large number of these maps, and the high quality work contained within them, we decided it?d be great to get some of them out in an update so that everyone can experience them.

For the first Community Map Pack, we've selected two of the best community-made maps out there. It wasn't easy to select just two, with so many great maps to choose from, and more appearing every day. We've had a lot of fun playing these maps, and we know that many of you have too. For those of you who haven?t tried them out, you?re in for a treat.


created by Arttu "skdr" M?ki​

A control point map with five points, in the style of Badlands. Its symmetrical layout provides for high-speed and well balanced gameplay, while the multiple indoor routes, connected to larger outdoor arenas, provide a wide set of interesting and varied combat spaces. The arena-style control points require solid teamwork to capture and hold.


created by Bill Johnston​

A CTF map inside a large industrial compound. It's clean and straightforward, making it easy to learn, but its well balanced layout ensures there are still a wide variety of strategic choices for teams to make, and for individual classes to shine. Competitive teams and players have already popularized this one.
Neat looking maps.

The Pyro surge is going to be insane, though. I might have to sit out for a bit like I did with the medic. And I sat out enough already. =P
Hey, Fastlane. We played that in one of our TF2 road trips once. It's a good map, somewhat similar to Granary/Redstone. Linear cap order, and progressive spawning, IIRC.
I was playing this morning on Warpath (Because I really don't want to lose it), and for a while to get the server filled we were all pyros just having a lot of fun. There is definitely going to be a surge, but later on after the server filled up a bit more the classes redistributed themselves so that the game could actually be played. Pyros aren't all that great in terms of the damage they can take, a heavy started wiping us all out.

But free weekend=lots of new players. Admining this weekend is probably a high priority but I look forward to possibly many new recruits :D

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