New Server Problem

Hey all, when I heard that there was going to be a new server I was really exited ( I still am) but I have a problem, when I enter the server, about 5 min after playing my comp freezes, Ive tried to go on the server 3 times and everytime it happens......

One more thing, about the stats, I want to find my stats, so I click on ego stats 1, and my name isnt registered, I have been playing on EGO servers for months like 8, So I thought my stats would be there, I checked on EGO stats 2, it says my name is there but I havn't gotten any stats, any help???

Thx Josh
First of all, i think you mean "excited" not "exited". Secondly, with the stats, the 1st one is from a while ago I think, because I'm still in 6th place and registered as "=(eGO)=Noxus". Wouldn't make sense because I didn't play on the servers for 5 months straight so I wouldn't be #6 still. The second might be more accurate, but I don't know for sure.

No idea about the server-sensitive crash. Check Steam and Valve support and forums.
yea that's kind of weird how the server causes ur comp to freeze? It's all from the same texas...hmmm...
Does your computer freeze all the time.. or just when you play a game... If it's just ingame try updating all your drivers...
same crashes once or twice then its fine
umm if its more then its graphics card or drivers or something else