Prop Hunt - Friday May 21 - 8PM EST


Prop Hunt! | May 21st, 2021

Prop Hunt.... what is that? Keep reading and you’ll find out, but it'll be on May 21st, 2021!

Event Date
: Friday, May 21st, 2021
Event Time (ET): 8:00 PM
Event Server IP:

Prop Hunt is a hide and seek game. The hiders will be Scouts disguised as various TF2 props that are found in the maps. You could be a bucket, a tree, a capture point, or many others. You run out and find a good hidden spot on the map.
The seekers are generally Pyros who will be hunting out the hiders by setting them on fire. But be careful, as you flame things you will be losing health. So keep a lookout for health packs and also the capture point will give health as well every so often.
Come join the madness that is Prop Hunt!
4g0tt3nSou1 will be coordinating this event. Please forward your questions to them or any of your TF2 Leadership! We hope to see you there!​