Wow I just found the stats page.


So here I was thinking only eGO's kills were recorded but there I am in the records.
Wow I had no idea. So my question is does anyone count this stuff? Cause i think it could cause me to be way less carefree about my playing. Worried about taking risks getting killed. Being a pansy basically. So do these stats matter at all? Affect promotions or anything? I'm just a hard rusher and do pretty well at getting the last flag when it counts. Sadly, it kinda stinks to see your deaths out weighing your kills though. Any thoughts? make me feel better? =)


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Who cares? If I had my choice I wouldn't have any stats because this is what happens. If stats bother you simply don't look at them ;) eGO has and never will be based on your skill level so you have nothing to worry about.

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I care a lot for stats, but if they would go away, I could play more freely and have more fun and still lose nothing.


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Stats don't bug me all that much, because I know that no matter what, I will never be in the top 100 even so I just don't bother =D.
I wouldn't get too worked up over your position in the stats. It's wrong anyway. :)

Yesterday, I had 18,000 kills. I played last night and got 16 more. This morning, I have over 20,000 kills according to the stats.

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stats dont mean anything : )
i dont care about stats!
i just wanna have hella lots of fun!
Speaking of stats....for the avalanche server, why has that Viper guy been ranked 1 for over several months? I thought if you don't play for 24 hours you go down?