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We are deep into our one-week public test server that will ultimately lead to a whitelisted server following a full server wipe. As the leadership team has iterated to the community several times throughout this transition process, many of our new scripts are brought in with the expectation that they will be used responsibly. Recently, it has been a trend of several of you to leave rude, disrespectful, gross, inappropriate text strewn around our server with the new /scene command. As we made it clear, your actions during this public test week WILL have an affect on your whitelisting eligibility if we deem your behavior to be unbecoming of a member in a whitelisted server. While the text made with /scene are IC, we feel that this is being abused by some of you in a manner not fit for our server nor creates any meaningful roleplay. This script is NOT to be used to spam text such as "poopman dance" or to be used to demean others, be unnecessarily vulgar, etc. If the script/command is continued to be abused we will utilize tools that our dev team has to track down the individuals who are continuing to abuse the script and they will be held accountable. It is the expectation of the GTA Leadership team going forward that all uses of the /scene command are not overly vulgar, disrespectful, nor spam in nature, etc. and have the intention of adding to roleplay.

Additionally, the repeated use of the new tackle script on individuals without any proper roleplay reason needs to stop. This was a issue awhile back in our server which ultimately led to the removal of the script and it will not be tolerated now and especially not in our whitelisted server. Use of the script in proper roleplay scenarios is perfectly fine, but the repeated use of it to annoy, or hinder the movement of others is not.

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this thread feel free to make a CL.

GTA Leadership Team
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