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Ok heres the rules ... you only rank the avatar above you ... from a scale of
1 - 10 ... ok ... lets do this ... IF THEY DONT HAVE AN AVATAR >>> RANK THEIR

My avatar is me and my gf so i might not get ranked high lol
i give you 7 man... think that its before prom or smt...? well you're 14 not a prom probably but whatever

my avatar is a guy alone at shore
Its the ending 8th grade dance i only have 4 more days left ... Thank god and i rate yours a 7 too ... i like how hes alone too ... just the way i like it with me and lizzy lol !heart
yeah its pretty much thats what it is...
and yeah i was thinking about changing my avatar but too lazy to do it this reminded about it
well ... i was just bored making this thingy lol but i guess it worked for 1 person so far lol

and i like the one above me ... its funny but in a sesemme street way lol 6/10
good times at high school functions.., just for letting me remember the memories (or lack thereof) i give you a 8/10.
I give your avatar a 5/10 since I don't get it....something chocolate, nice colors though.

Mine is my own made, so feel free to critizise alot....I'm thinking of chancing it too...it's not this clan related.
lol FYI, i was hoping you would judge my signature, not my avatar, its a tiger paw from Clemson University.. where I go to school.. lol..
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