Tragedy! D:

Well as it turns out, on top of me being horribly sick all week, my main internet adapter just decided it doesnt want to know what an enthernet cable is anymore, or aknowlegde that it exists for that matter. so now im stuck with using the crappy wireless card in my laptop for internet. Of course the reason i bought the adapter in the first place was because this one like to disconnect me randomly for periods of 1-30 seconds. So i can still jump on here and post, but i cant actually get in DoD:s anymore because my ping goes up to around 300 and it wont let em move anyway.

So sadly, i wont be in the servers for a while till i get this fixed. I know i haven't been around for too long so i doubt anyone will notice too much. But for those of you who might have, this is why.

See you guys again when i cough up another $100 on crap breaking after a couple months. %-6
Its not the modem, its a retarded work around i have to use to get my wireless workking. Cant run cables all the way to my room

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