Goodbye and Thank you

Hello all,

Some of you may know me mostly from Prestige Gaming (or jailbreak), but I'm Aeg0n Targaryen, and this will be my goodbye to Edge Gamers.

This community, with all of you guys, was truly something special to me.

When I was a freshman in high school, I discovered this community by playing jailbreak and immediately wanted to be part of it. I wanted to be a member, become an admin, make friends, and create memories. The majority of my counter-strike days were played on Jailbreak. If I had to take a guess, half of my playing hours were in this community. I didn't care about my CS:GO rank, I didn't care about being the best player in the game, all I cared about was playing Jailbreak and having a great time with all of you.

As I grew older though, my plate was starting to become full. I started to focus more on school, spending time with family and friends, and playing lacrosse. My passion for being an admin and playing games was slowly dying. As a result, I became very inactive, appeared on servers rarely, and began to focus on other things. There were times I did come back (or at least tried), but eventually, I would become inactive again. I am sorry for the lack of communication on my part. It was a little selfish of me.

Well, I graduated high school now and I am no longer that freshman I used to be. I have a lot on my plate right now. I recently got into my dream college, I will be working over the summer, I plan on playing club lacrosse, and spending my final moments with family/friends before I transition into adult life.

Now am I saying I will be gone forever? Probably not. If I can, I will stop by the servers and the forums to see what's happening.

The memories I made here are unforgettable. I will carry those memories as I grow older. Thank you all for everything you've done for me. My counter-strike days were golden because of this community and I will always be grateful. I am lucky I founded this community when I had the chance. I wish all of you and this community the best.

God bless all of you and until next time.


You'll be missed, I do remember you being active from pG and playing with you on Jailbreak although you may not know me by this name. Good luck with your future endeavors.


''Take care of urself bud, if you do need help or advice we will be waiting for you.'' ;):)