GTA Senior Manager Promotion


GTA Senior Manager Promotion - June 3rd, 2021

Throughout the largest scale project the FiveM server and the GTA Leadership Team have ever gone through one member has stood out as particularly impressive, that member is none other than @aidan. Ever since joining the community in late 2018 aidan has been a dedicated member starting out in Counter-Strike. After working up to the rank of eG, aidan took his talents to MS where he showed great skills and a dedication to work and aid the growth of the community and was promoted to Manager there in April of 2020.

After spending some time in MS aidan transferred over to GTA in January 2021 to take lead on revamping the Recruitment Coordinator team in preparations for the whitelisted server release. Directly after joining the GTA Leadership Team, aidan dedicated lots of his time creating documents, forums, structures, and more for the new Recruitment Coordinator team. He also took on other tasks by overseeing the suggestions sub-forum for GTA requests and has been an integral member of the community for preparing for the whitelisted server. He's spent many hours assisting Don and Oblixion in bug testing till the early hours of the morning and always being there to give his input and feedback. aidan has been such a staple to the FiveM server and EdgeGamers as a whole and it is the pleasure of the Grand Theft Auto Leadership Team to announce his promotion to Senior Manager! aidan will be stepping up to the plate and will work alongside Oblixion as Senior Managers for Grand Theft Auto to help lead the server to further success. We are all grateful for the work aidan has done and excited for the work he will continue to do. Make sure to give aidan a round of applause for this well-deserved promotion!

Writer: @D3FaulT | Art: @heidi

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Very nice


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Congratz Aidan Well deserved


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Honestly, one of the most deserving promotions I've ever seen in a gaming community. Hats off to this man and mad respect for all the work he puts into the GTA server. @aidan has always been and remains to be one of the easiest people to talk to and sets the example of what it means to be a leader.

Congratulations, mane!


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one of the nicest lads, gz once again


In Teamspeak I promised I wouldn't join GTA.
Eh mane, congrats! @aidan


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