I r <3 Anzio.

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your image didnt show up

Mr. Chair -TR-

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Yeah, I think that would be the best idea. Anzio can get capped so quick its not even funny. I would like a tryout of Jagd though.


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wow glad your an eG so when we have the next scrim we can own :)

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JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA omg maze i just saw your new Signature JAJAJA
And nice score mein!


*cough* hacker *cough* big time *cough*

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No idea. o.o; I know I probably have the most kills so far, but I dont know what else comes into play for the rankings, so I doubt it. I dont really know how to find out though.


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Well you start by changing your name so that everyone thinks your a toal hacker =P. Then you type like top10 and it shows you in order who is the top 10 people on the server.


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wow mein u one sick player, i think ive only puchd u out once since i been playin in eGO servers lol, and when i did it was cuz u was a posted with mg haha! ur hella hard 2 kill bro......*cough* cough* gator hax!..........oh by the way billy donovan left fla. to go pro with the orlando majic, u still got coach urban meyer, and a big wreakinball QB takin over for chris leak