[TF2] KOTH Kraziness! | June 4th, 2021


KOTH Kraziness! | June 4th, 2021

I'm not sure why, but I feel like doing KOTH! KOTH Kraziness is the answer to that! Come one, or hopefully more, like some, June 4th, 2021!

Event Date
: Friday, June 4th, 2021
Event Time (ET): 8:00 PM
Event Server IP:

Hiya! Last event was Payload with some random KOTH at the end. I want to do more KOTH, so let's do it! Respawn times will be default here, as instant respawn times skew up the game play too much. We'll likely start with some default maps then branch out as we go. Not sure of a length for this one, so, we'll see what happens!

PastryFoxy will be coordinating this event. Please forward your questions to me or any of your TF2 Leadership! We hope to see you there, capturing that hill and showing your skills!